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Affordable food is at your fingertips!

How does MealPass work?

  • Download the app and register
  • Choose a subscription type
  • Find the desired restaurant on the list or map
  • Enjoy lunch, dinner or going out and when paying, show the Animation within the app to the restaurant staff
  • To open Animation, you need to select the restaurant you are in
  • You can pay in restaurants with cash or cards , and the MealPass application is used to get discounts
  • With a MealPass membership, every meal is up to 14% cheaper
  • All restaurants in our network have a Partnership label on their front doors.
  • The use of MealPass service is not time-limited, meaning the service can be used during regular restaurant working hours.
  • The subscription fee for using the MealPass application is only 2 EUR/month or 20 EUR/year
  • MealPass also offers delivery!

Short video on how to use the MealPass app.